Going Raw

food.jpgJust ignore the cheese, bread and soba from this picture. Also it’s called GOING raw, not gone raw.

OK, so I know I said my first big project would be tackling the PokPok cookbook, but a series of things have happened that are pushing me towards trying a raw diet instead.

First, the weather. It suddenly bounced from the 50’s and rainy to a balmy 86, and I’m feeling a lighter diet than PokPok has to offer.

Second, and more important, really: I’ve finally acquired enough equipment to give it a whirl. (Mostly due to this year’s birthday gifts).

The latter is really what’s held me back in attempting this, so, that, in my opinion, is the first step in achieving a raw lifestyle: having the proper equipment. And it’s not cheap, and I’m not rich, so I wasn’t able to just jump right into it, and I gave up, for a while. It’s intimidating!!

But now I’m gonna try again, and will track my progress here.

Keep in mind, I collected these things over time, and mostly by telling everyone I know that I wanted this stuff for gifts.

Things you need to go raw:

  • A blender, high speed preferable, best bet is a Vitamix (but a regular blender will do).
  • A spiralizer — the cheapest and easiest, and also veggie noodles are awes0me.
  • A juicer: a just bought a super cheapie, since I already have the Vitamix and mostly can use that. But there are totally things a Vitamix can’t do right in terms of juicing, so I fessed up the $35 for this Black & Decker model: http://amzn.to/1WWxPS9. I’ll keep you posted on how much I like it, but so far it’s perfect for me! It’s quick and easy, and cleans up nicely. Of course, I’m only juicing for 2 so something small is fine, but I’ve been loving it.
  • A dehydrator; finally got one of these as a bday gift and I am so exciting!!!!! I will definitely be making jerky, too, but it is so perfect for raw eating, it’s definitely an essential if you’re planning on not eating any non-raw foods at all.

Personally, here’s how I’m gonna play it: as anyone who’s researched raw foods knows, it takes several days to cook things! So, I’m planning on integrating the raw foods into my regular diet (erring on the vegetarian side of things) slowly, and then hopefully as it goes on to just entirely edge out cooked foods. The stove was way to hot to deal last night anyway, so the time is right.

Recipes and much more coming soon!! Wish me luck.

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