Raw Eats, Week 3! Updates


Above: kimchi pre-fermentation.

So, I’m not gonna lie, this has been a rough week for raw food eating. It hasn’t stopped, but there have definitely been more meals that weren’t raw this week. What happened? I had a busy weekend last weekend, and didn’t have time to prepare a bunch of stuff in advance. I think that’s a key step if you really want to keep it fully raw…you need to have a bunch of stuff on hand and readily available.

Another couple of things that went wrong:

  • One of the meals I had planned was too expensive. I bought all the ingredients except 8 young thai coconuts to make wrappers for these raw dumpling things that sounded delicious. I was convinced, living in NYC, that I’d be able to scour the streets and find a good deal on a case of young thai coconuts. I was wrong, and this cost me a big meal that would have lasted a few days and been a big source of raw food.
  • One of the snacky things I made, raw tortilla chips, I found super gross. I’m not sure if I just haven’t mastered how to do it yet (it’s kind of tricky making sure you have an even layer of batter in your dehydrator), or if I just didn’t like it. But whichever it was, when you devote a ton of time to preparing something and can’t eat it, it’s a bummer and leaves you short a part of your planned diet.

I still had plenty of granola, goji-cacau-maca bars and granola bars. But still that left me lacking. It was cool, I just had more meals this week that weren’t raw, and learned a little more about how (not) to do this. So, this week you’ll be getting both my raw recipes and some not raw. I also got a bunch of stir fry-able stuff from my CSA share this week so was happy to bust out the wok and get busy.


Anyway, this is not a failure!! And I’m already WAY back on track this week (think: raw Moroccan chickpea stew, plus much more). It’s just a learning experience.

Kimchi recipe coming soon.

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