Eating Raw Updates; week 4 and 5


Above: Raw Buckwheat Pretzels

So, I’ve been learning a lot about eating raw. I’m still enjoying it, but I’ve lately been changing the way I approach it.

While I do find many, many things delicious on this type of diet, what I find myself craving is something crisp, something that feels like bread or crackers, so to speak. So I’ve tried out a few recipes that claim to provide the cure to that craving.

So far, I have tried raw buckwheat pretzels, raw tortilla chips, and raw chickpea/zucchini fritters. The result? These are all disgusting. Like not, I don’t like it as much as the real thing, or even, I could make myself eat this but I won’t enjoy it, just plain old, these are inedible and should not be consumed. Are there really people who claim otherwise? Yes! I know there are, because they are listed in these otherwise reliable raw cookbooks as “delicious” and other deceitful words. Now, it’s definitely possible that I’m just doing something wrong. But honestly, what could I be doing that’s THAT wrong, that it changes from delicious to horrifying?!?

Here’s the thing: this is extra annoying because of a few reasons. Firstly, a lot of time goes into making these. Like, a LOT of time. Second, all these things cost a lot of money!! It’s not cheap to buy buckwheat groats and ground flax seed, etc. So when I’ve invested this much time and energy into something that comes out looking like a concrete block, it’s majorly annoying. Also, what it makes me do is suddenly need to go buy a real pretzel, or the like, to satisfy the craving that I’ve had the entire 48 hours I’ve been making these atrocities. (EXCEPTION: raw granola. Which is outrageously amazing).

So, I’ve had to re-think things. Nearly every single juice, smoothie, salad, etc. I have tried has been delicious. So have all the zoodles, and sauces and dressings, granolas, nuts, and so on! Why not just stick to those things? It actually feels a little more natural that way anyway, and most of these things take FAR less time and energy to make…plus they are actually good. Which is the quality I’m looking for. I will try making crackers from my juice pulp, which has been recommended, but I’m dubious. I’m only doing it cause juice pulp is free.

All that said; up next is a recipe for a complicated, weird, not normal raw dinner that is oddly wonderful. They do exist!

Below: Zucchini Chickpea Fritters (these went directly into the compost.)


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