Whole 30: Day 6


Another morning at home, another glorious breakfast! I pick up my CSA share from the farm down the street on Saturdays, so I popped by there for some fresh greens on which to place my eggs (also picked up), more purple potatoes and a specialty pork terrine from my meat share. Yum! I did the eggs over easy this time so the yolks soaked all over the steamed chard. Served with my homemade hot sauce that I finished yesterday. Delicious.


Then we were out for most of the day, and we actually ran into a challenge! Being out without food much longer than anticipated in an area of town not known for it’s healthy food options. Fortunately, this being NYC, there were abundant fruit stands, so we ended up just buying a bunch of fruit and eating that. It was totally yummy and felt much better than we would have had we gotten the empanadas advertised over the fruit stands shoulder.

But! By the time we got home we were still pretty hungry, so I abandoned any fancy cooking ideas and grilled up some pork chops and made a salad. We still had a tangerine and some blackberries from our fruit outing, so those went in the salad along with some spinach, walnuts and pumpkin seeds. Dressed with a pomegranate concentrate/olive oil/red wine vinegar combo. I sometimes like the one flip method of pork chop cooking but tonight I alternated sides every minute, which I always find makes for a lovely light brown evenly cooked chop. Flowers harvested at CSA pick up as well. Thanks Added Value Farm! Day 6, complete.


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