Whole 30: Day 10

Woot! 10 days in! This is easy. 😀 Of course, we’re really on a Whole 60, so we’ll see how easy it is by then.

Anyway, day 10 was pretty low maintenance on the food stuffs. I had two pears in the morning, one right after exercising and the other mid-morning.


Lunchtime was the winner of the daily meals. Leftover steak and potato nik, with a salad of avocado, tomato and lettuce topped with oil and vinegar. Could an avocado be any more perfect?

For dinner I pulled out some of those frozen fish cakes and ate them while I prepped a chili con carne for an overnight trip in the slow cooker. More on that tomorrow.

That’s it! Again I stress: leftovers. Extremely important.

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