The Instant Pot: Oatmeal

The more I use the Instant Pot, the more impressed I am. PERFECT oatmeal in 3 MINUTES!!!! Not instant oatmeal, which I never like, but real, quality steel cut or really any other type of oatmeal. YUM!!!

I threw in a cup of oats, 3 cups of whey that I had in the house, but water will do as well. Then throw in whatever you want. I had some goji berries sitting around so I tossed them in, along with a pinch of cinnamon, some nutmug, a bit of honey. Close up the pot, set it to 3 minutes on manual, and have at it.

Once it’s ready, use the natural release method and serve. You can then toss on additional toppings: banana, apple, whatever your little heart desires.

Really into this for the summer specifically, not to have to cook oatmeal over a hot stove for 1/2 hour. Yes. I don’t even have a picture. I ate it all.

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