The Instant Pot: Lamb Curry

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I’m really enjoying my Instant Pot. It seems it makes everything really easy. Also, summer is approaching, and it will provide me an option to cook real meals without using my stove, so, yay!!

For this meal I experimented with a regular recipe that I got from the NY Times Cooking Section, West Indian Lamb Curry. I basically followed the recipe up through step 3. Then, I browned the meat with seasonings directly in the Instant Pot, left them in there, covered it with water, added potatoes, peppers and carrots,  and set the Instant Pot for manual setting for 15 minutes. And then I left and let the pot work it’s magic.  I spooned the chunks out and simmered the sauce in a sauce pan on the stove until it reduced down. Delicious!!!

The Instant Pot: Whole Frozen Chicken

I have a friend who also has an Instant Pot, and we were geeking out seriously about it the other day, and she mentioned that you could pop frozen meat in there and it would be perfect if you add just a few minutes to the time you would cook it regularly. Naturally, I had to try it out.

Fortunately I had a bunch of frozen chickens in my freezer. What, doesn’t everyone?!?

I threw it into the instant pot and added a cup of chicken broth, some fresh herbs and garlic, and set it for 40 minutes. The result? Fall apart chicken, with a few cups of gorgeous chicken broth at the bottom.

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I ripped mine apart and popped it in a bowl with some spinach and then poured the broth on top. From freezer to chicken soup in less than an hour. Highly recommend.


New Project: The Instant Pot!

I got an Instant Pot for my birthday. I was just about to launch my Pok Pok Cookbook project, but then that happened. So. Now you’re gonna have to put up with a quickie side project. I have been VERY curious about the Instant Pot, so I’m super excited to explore the many things I can supposedly do with it.


According to the Instant Pot, it can be/do the following things:

  • A Pressure Cooker
  • A Slow Cooker
  • A Rice Steamer
  • A Yogurt Maker
  • Saute
  • Steam
  • Egg Cooker
  • Warmer
  • Also you can make cake in it and it comes with an Instant Pot recipe for creme brulee.

So. I’ll be posting a bunch of stuff about it. Get excited. I know you’ve been missing on me and my projects.