The Instant Pot: Oatmeal

The more I use the Instant Pot, the more impressed I am. PERFECT oatmeal in 3 MINUTES!!!! Not instant oatmeal, which I never like, but real, quality steel cut or really any other type of oatmeal. YUM!!!

I threw in a cup of oats, 3 cups of whey that I had in the house, but water will do as well. Then throw in whatever you want. I had some goji berries sitting around so I tossed them in, along with a pinch of cinnamon, some nutmug, a bit of honey. Close up the pot, set it to 3 minutes on manual, and have at it.

Once it’s ready, use the natural release method and serve. You can then toss on additional toppings: banana, apple, whatever your little heart desires.

Really into this for the summer specifically, not to have to cook oatmeal over a hot stove for 1/2 hour. Yes. I don’t even have a picture. I ate it all.

Reintroductions: Non-gluten grains and dairy


Okay, I’m a bit behind. Please forgive me…the holidays are suddenly upon us, I’m trying to close on an apartment, I was in these neighborhood kids shows last weekend, and I’ve been cooking for Umi Kitchen, which is new and a lot of work for the moment! So, I’m a little slower than usual on the blog. But you watch, they’ll keep coming!! Just let me do some holiday shopping and buy this apartment, too.

So, non-gluten grains! We did great with them. I felt a-okay with everything, oats, brown rice, even white rice. It was really, really nice to have a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, it’s the right season for it and I’ve missed it. Although I do admit to really wanting a spoonful of brown sugar in there, as well. Next week!!! Also it was great to be able to buy something for lunch instead of bringing everything:


This was my delicious lunch from Dill & Parsley. The sauce is just chili peppers and olive oil, so calm down. I think not having to prepare this made it more yummy.

Dairy, on the other hand, was not as successful!! I was so, so excited to have half and half in my coffee…I even went out and bought the good stuff, the farm half and half that’s not homogenized, and I couldn’t wait. And, it made me feel really gross, right away. I also cooked up an omelet with cheese, in butter:


…and I could actually smell the butter as I was cooking, and my stomach was turning a little. It was okay, but I only ate about half my breakfast, and then I had a salad for lunch, in hopes of feeling a little better.

I did have some success later in the day with a wheel of camembert and slices of apples. But I’ll tell you, I think it was the apple that made the cheese more delicious, and not the other way around.

Maybe just my tastes have changed.

Anyway, I think dairy will take some more experimenting. It’s possible we’ll be fine with some things and not with others. It’s impossible to try every type of dairy in one day.

For now, I think I’ll stick with almond milk.