I’ve always had a complicated relationship with food. I’ve been obsessed with all things food my whole life, but I didn’t start cooking until I was about 30 (or so). My family has always been more of an eating out or ordering in type of family, so I wasn’t driven to start cooking until I realized I didn’t have to spend all my money on food if I cooked it myself. Also, I am really, really picky. This hasn’t changed.

More interestingly, though, I refused to eat vegetables, basically of any sort, until about the same age. At that point, I decided that my body MUST be screaming for greens, and starting forcing myself to eat them. It actually took several years to get where I am now: a true lover of (almost) all vegetables, and a frequent chef of vegetarian dishes!! Of course I still eat meats and fish and all the rest of it, but I eat vegetarian foods quite a bit, and have many dishes I make that are amongst my very favorite that contain only vegetables. The palate of flavors that opened up to me when I started eating them was remarkable. And to be honest I still have moments where I look at a plate of food and start shoving the veggies to the side, and then I have to remind myself, “No, it’s okay, you like veggies now, eat them!”.

So. I have totally embraced this lifestyle, and now cook almost every day. This blog will feature both full on projects (how to attack things like the Pok Pok Cookbook, the Nobu Cookbook, and eating raw foods) as well as recipes for everyday eating and feeding the soul.





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