Whole 30: Days 29 & 30!

IMG_5383 2.JPG

So, 30 days are up!! Featured above is dinner from night 29: a turkey burger wrapped in romaine with tomato, onions and mayo and mashed potatoes. My honey made the whole thing which always makes everything taste better.

Since this is a 60 day thing for us, and we’re only at the halfway mark, we decided to celebrate the end of 30 days by ordering from a place called Umi Kitchen. They have a Whole 30 chef who is really awesome…in fact there were many days that I wanted to order from them but it’s a little on the pricey side , and I’m glad I saved it for a special occasion. Stay tuned for more on Umi…they may well be my next project. 😉

Anyhow it was totally delicious, we ordered Shrimp and “Grits”, and maybe it’s not having to cook it yourself, but it was super yum.


It came with this sweet side salad, too:


And the whole thing was glorious.

So, I think I’m gonna change up the format for the next 30 days of Whole 30…I’m sure people must be sick of this project (I know I am).  I think for the second half I’m just gonna feature individual recipes worth eating no matter what diet you’re on, and unless I have some crazy epiphany or extra thoughts I need to put down in writing some day or other, I’m mostly gonna stick to that. Otherwise, you know, it’ll just be more of the same compliant eating for the next 30 days.

I WILL feature my Thanksgiving menu, after the fact, since we’ll still be on this for the holiday. And I will totally re-visit during the 10 days of reintroduction, since I’m sure that will be interesting. (For me, anyway). 😀 But in general I won’t be posting my every thought.

So, a final summation of where things are after 30 days of Whole 30: I feel really, really amazing. I have more energy than I’ve ever had and I am dropping pounds daily. I hope I have some clothes left that fit me after another 30 days of this! I also can’t wait to eat a pizza. But I really don’t think another 30 days will be too much of a problem.

I could be wrong though. Keep you posted.

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